How to get flying Rocket Bike in GTA V online - Free Unlockables

  • Was playing with a friend, saw a motorcycle icon on the map but saw no motorcycle. Got blown up by what seemed like exploding rounds or an auto rocket launcher. Not a problem, my friend had a rocket launcher, friend luckily see's the player and shoots the player and happens to blow up the guys (flying motorcycle) and gets charged 20k..... w..t...f... rockstar?? Really? So, I want to make sure I understand this, Rockstar thinks it's a good idea to implement a flying motorcycle that can be equipped with rocket launchers, and at the same time, charge you 20,000 if you do damage to the players vehicle? Really? So what does this mean for lower ranked players? So, I was playing later on in the day, and entirely different players who also had an Opressors fitted with auto rocketlaunchers followed me around the whole game. I could not do much in the way of play while I was in passive mode, and anytime I got OUT of passive mode to actually play the game, I got blown up by 1 of 4 different players on flying motorcycles with rocket launchers. I got fed up, and shot a rocket and killed two of them, and incidentally blew up both their bikes. Yep... 20k each. So to kill the guys who kept killing me on their 3 million dollar motorcycles it cost me 40k.... I'm all for cool stuff in the game, but this is boarderline silly. I thought these guys were administrators because they were on flying motorcycles shooting rockets. It's too much. And I'm really getting tired of paying thousands in the offhand someones vehicle blows up too. It's too much. Why not charge players 500 bucks, and make the replacement to the player NO CHARGE..