How to control enormous shooting recoil in PUBG like a pro - Guide & Help

  • How to Control your Weapon’s Recoil

    Before we go into grips and stocks (which are attachments to help you with the recoil of your weapon), if it is your first time using a weapon, find a wall and select full auto or burst fire. Without moving your mouse, begin shooting at a wall. Try the same again, but as you start shooting, slowly bring your mouse down as if you are fighting with the controls. Keep doing this until you understand how much movement you need to add to your mouse. I learnt how recoil worked from using the AKM as it is a powerful weapon with a large kick-back.

    Once you’ve found a weapon that you can control, you can implement your newly-found skill in shooting players. This can be difficult at first as most players panic at the sight of an enemy and just start shooting. Take your time and pretend the enemy is the wall you’ve been practising on.

    I know it’s easy for me to sit here and tell you how to do it in text form. However, you need to start somewhere and believe me, recoil isn’t the easiest skill to learn – it takes practise and time.

    When you’re confident with each weapon’s attributes and control, you can start adding attachments to your weapon depending on your playstyle.

    Attachments that can help with recoil:
    – Lower rail attachments (Angled foregrip, half grip, thumb grip, vertical foregrip, and light grip).
    – Compensators (Available for ARs, SMGs, and Snipers).
    – Stocks (Cheek pad, stock, and tactical stock).

    PUBG M416
    These attachments give you an extra hand with controlling your recoil. Though, you will have to evenly distribute your attachments to work with the weapon you’re using and some weapons can only take a certain attachment. You will need to use your own experience to find what works best for you.

    The diagram below gives you a rough idea of how recoil works inside PUBG. The test was conducted using the SCAR-L and each type of lower rail attachment:

    Example weapon recoil in PUBG
    While this diagram doesn’t show all of the weapons in PUBG, it gives you a rough idea of what each lower rail attachment does. Your job now is to move your mouse downwards whilst shooting to control the lift of the gun.

    In my experience, I believe that using the AKM with a compensator is the best way to learn how recoil works. However, this is merely my personal opinion and by all means, use whichever gun feels most comfortable to you.

    Overall, your choice of weapon is also highly dependent on your playstyle. If you drop at hot locations, fully automatic assault rifles with an angled foregrip or half-grip are your best bet. However, if you’re more of a passive player that stays out of the way of danger, you’ll be better off with an AR, DMR, or even sniper with various vertical grips and stocks to ensure your one-taps are accurate.

    Hopefully, you’ve learnt something from this guide and if you’d like to see more guides on PUBG, let us know in the comments!