Sleeping Dogs hidden EMP armed Car location and unlock trick - Cheats & Tricks

  • The DZS-90 is a vehicle featured in Sleeping Dogs. It is available in the 'Wheels of Fury Pack' DLC. It was created by Dr. Tang, and is equipped with various gadgets that are obtained through a series of missions, marked by a car-shaped icon on the map. It only becomes available in Wei Shen's garage after he retrieves all of its parts and goes for a test drive (i.e.: until he completes all of the missions introduced by the Wheels of Fury Pack).


    The DZS-90 possesses a variety of unique functions. These include:

    • A chargeable electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), which can disable several cars within a small radius at once by frying their electronic components. This replaces the action hijack system. Using this weapon on a Police Car will earn the player a Heat Level.
    • An auto-drive mode, which activates when the car detects threats so that Wei Shen can focus on defending himself without having to watch the road at the same time.
    • A frontal battering ram, which is capable of disabling most vehicles in one strike, provided that the DZS-90 achieves sufficient velocity first.
    • Two mounted chain-guns, which Wei Shen can use in lieu of an equipped firearm. These replace the trunk, however, so the player will be unable to obtain tire irons from it.

    It is also easily the fastest car in the game, though it may become difficult to control at higher speeds.


    • The default radio station of the DZS-90 is Ninja Tune Radio.
    • It is the only vehicle in Sleeping Dogs with mounted weapons.
    • If you enter the DZS-90 while doing the "Shoot Enemy Vehicles" mission/favor (which automatically gives you a Machine Pistol), then aim your mounted gun, then exit the car, the gun will be stuck to your hand. The ammunition counter will not appear on the top right. If you enter the car again, the gun will be stuck to the hood of the car.
    • On PC, the EMP button is the same as the action hijack button, thus both will have to be re-mapped together.
    • In the original version of Sleeping Dogs, the quests to acquire this car can be done immediately at the start of the game. In the Definitive Edition, the player must clear certain story points before the final mission to acquire this car can be done.
    • If the player uses the EMP on a pedestrian, they will become agro and pull you out of the vehicle to fight you