Watch Dog 2' Cheats & Bonuses, How To Unlock all amazing things

  • Uncover hacking stories while touring along the world of genius crime manipulators. "Watch Dogs 2" advanced technology game comes forth after the success of its prequel, Watch Dog 1. However, its calendar changes on its exact release, the reason why Gamers continue to be on guard.

    Watch Dogs 2 producers initial slate on its release was pegged on December 13 adding 30 days for the arrival, then moved to December 24 for PS4 technology while on PC, it comes by January 24. Their take on the time line move the game creators need more breathers for add ons.

    This game allows you to feel like Marcus Holloway, a young man behind brilliant hacking. "Watch Dog 2" is teamed with an infamous group tasked to do a 'Big Time' hacking. Marcus' team bugs down a system used by high-profiled crime masterminds to manipulate their victims.

    "Watch Dogs 2" Cheats. These are Bonus vehicles waiting for victors: If the Fixer contracts are completed, gamer is awarded either with Boxberg LE or Zusume R, plus acquiring the skill of the offensive drivers. Papavero Stealth goes to those who spent 40 points of Uplay. Player may also claim Sayonara LE after overcoming a poker match. Sunrim or Vespid 5.2 awaits those who will complete privacy invasions. Vespid LE is for those who can get 8 hidden burner phones.

    To unlock Bonus Weapons, here are the tips. Unlock one gang hideout for AK-47, if ten gangs were busted, Spec Ops SMG-11 awaits. One can also get Auto-6 once a game is unlocked via CyberPunk Single Player pack. If the player accomplishes "Signature Shot" and "A Wrench In the Works" missions altogether, Biometric assault rifle.

    Chrome revolver waits for those ten crime detection finishers. Manage to halt ten criminal convoys to get Destroyer sniper rifle. Locate six missing people case and get Wildfire assault rifle, while the Gold D50 Desert Eagle comes on hand to those who spend 30 Uplay points. Successfully unlock the "Untouchables Pre-Order Pack" to get M1 SMG.

    Player may also get Spec Ops Goblin assault rifle if 9 weapons trade are completed. Bust ten criminal hideouts for Spec Ops SMG-11. Manage to take down QR Code investigation mission for Tommy Gun weapon.

    Other Bonuses include either an ATM Hack Boost skill bonus, once the "Palace Pack" mission is accomplished. This bonus allows player to enjoy maximum cash rewards during bank hacks or Investigation bonus. It's a plus to have wider investigative opportunities on network databanks.

    If the player busts five criminal hubs, Rapid Reload skill is acquired. For Vehicle Expert skill, one must complete ULC mission in "The Breakthrough Pack" and allows free vehicles for discounts on selected cars. And to see all items to collect on site maps, unlock all 12ctOS posts.