How to schedule your torrent downloads in µTorrent and BitTorrent clients

  • uTorrent is just an amazing software. uTorrent was released on 18 September 2005. It is available in 67 languages and has more than 100 Million users.


    Its size is just 5 MB but Helps us to Download GBs of Data

    It is very simple software. Now let’s go to the point that is:

    Steps to Schedule Torrents on uTorrent

    1.) Open uTorrent

    2.) Go to Options at the top and then click on Preferences or just use this shortcut “Ctrl+P”

    3.) Now this box should appear, now just go to “Scheduler”  and you should see something like this:

    4.) Tick the “Enable Scheduler”

    5.) This one is a bit complicated. Now as you can see, their are 4 boxes:

    -Dark Green (Full Speed)
    -Light Green (Limited)
    -White (Turn Off)
    -Pink (Seeding Only)


    If you click on a box first time then it’s color will change to Light Green, which means, the speed will be limit to what you choose. Just write down the maximum download & upload speed you want in the box below.

    If you click on a box second time then it’s color will change to white, which means Torrent will pause (No Download, Upload, Seeding).

    If you click on a box third time, it’s color will change to pink, which means it will only seed the torrent (No Download & Upload).

    But How To Schedule, it’s confusing?

    Suppose, i want to Schedule download from 2AM-5AM on Sunday.  Then first click on all the boxes 2 times, so you can make them white, which means you turned off download for all the hours in a week (24/7).

    Now when you hover on a box, it shows you the time as you can see in the picture below. Now all you need to do is, click on 3 boxes (Sunday 2AM-5AM) 2 times, in order to make them Green again.

    That’s all! If you have any question, please comment below!