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Razer Vs Logitech, which mice brand is best?

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    April 18, 2019 9:51 PM +05

    I know that this is a somewhat biased place to ask this question, but which mice are better, the Logitech gaming mice, or the Razer? I've heard very good things about both, what is your opinion on it?

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    April 18, 2019 9:53 PM +05

    Hey Gamer007! here's my suggestion going along two most demanding gaming mice from specific brands you desire to distinguish between:

    Gaming Mice – Razer Deathadder Elite vs Logitech G602

    Another good comparison to make is between theDeathadder Elite and the Logitech G602 . They’re two of the mid range gaming mice and one of the most popular options from each brand. But which one is a better options out of the two? As you might expect with a mouse, this is a little more difficult to conclude than with a keyboard or a set of gaming headphones.

    The reality is that between these two, or Razer mice in general, they’re usually the better option. The Deathadder Elite is one of the best budget gaming mice around in my opinion, and it beats the G602 in two areas. First of all, aesthetically it’s much better than the Logitech. It looks better, and it feels better overall.

    But as well as this, I’ve always found Razer mice, including the Deathadder, to have much better functionality than anything that Logitech have put out. Sure Logitech mice work fine, but they’re big and bulky and extremely basic. Whereas Razer mice are designed with gaming as the utmost importances, making the Deathadder a much better choice of the two in my opinion.

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